About Wynnie


I’m a qualified nutritionist with a BSc and PhD in Nutrition from King’s College, University of London.  I’m a Hong Kong based nutrition educator, health writer and broadcaster.  My work has been published in UK and Hong Kong newspapers and magazines. I’ve also contributed unbiased nutritional views both on TV and radio. 


I provide a nutrition consultancy service for schools, food retailers and PR companies.  If you’re looking for recipe development, food product launches, nutritional analyses or a nutrition educator to teach and run workshops in schools or companies, then I can help - email me at info@wynniechan.com.hk


My Philosophy


In the past, at times, I’ve found that I was so busy multitasking that I forgot what I was eating, let alone savour each mouthful of food.  Over the years, I’ve learnt that a mindful, nutritious lifestyle is about enjoying the foods I eat and being in tune with what my body really needs.  I aspire to share recipes and ideas which embody this philosophy.



I'm Wynnie, and I believe that a healthy lifestyle is all about enjoying a varied balance of foods and living and eating mindfully.

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