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About Me


Hi, I'm Wynnie.

I’m a Hong Kong based nutrition educator, recipe developer, health writer and broadcaster.

I came into the world of food and nutrition randomly; when it came to choosing a subject at Uni, the applications booklet I was flicking through fell open to the page for nutrition and dietetics!


From then on, I was in love. I became a qualified and registered nutritionist with a first class honours degree and then received a PhD in Nutrition from King’s College, University of London. Since then I've worked at the Virginia Commonwealth University, US, at UK's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (now called Food Standards Agency) and at the British Nutrition Foundation.


I started freelancing after my second child was born, focussing on nutrition education and health promotion projects.  Below are some examples

  • writing about diet-related and nutrition issues for women's health websites and magazines

  • working with PR agencies on new food product launches

  • developing healthy recipes for magazines and food companies

  • providing nutrition inservice training for teachers

  • running food activities in schools

  • teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong SPACE

  • writing for the South China Morning Post newspaper and Young Post with a weekly healthy eating recipe column for teenagers

  • running cooking classes for different age groups with different health needs

  • writing cookbooks (a couple of them with Chef Ken Hom)

Why Tea with Treacle?


If you're wondering about the name for this site... well, I just love tea. Any kind of tea really - Earl Grey, rose, chrysanthemum, peony, butterfly pea although my newest favourite is lotus leaf.

You'll usually find me sitting on my balcony with a large cup of tea, laptop and my faithful companion Treacle. No, not the sticky sugary kind, but my 8 year old rescue dog. Check out her grey streaks, fuzzy face and big brown eyes with eyelashes to die for.

This blog is all about companionship, enjoying foods and eating healthily most of the time with the occasional sprinkling of gooey sweet stuff.

My Philosophy


Eating healthily is not about starving yourself, munching tasteless unappealing food, meticulously counting calories, carbs or fat. It's all about enjoying a balance of delicious food and eating mindfully. This blog aspires to providing ideas and recipes that are not only healthy but tasty too.

My Books


The Back to Basics Cookbook.jpg

The Back to Basic Cookbook For Young Chefs

47 simple and original recipes that will help help young chefs to prepare delicious meals.


Includes cooking tips, colour photographs and nutritional information to help make healthy eating easy and fun.

GI & GL Counter.jpg

GI & GL Counter

The ultimate guide to the nutritional content, including GI (Glycaemic Index) and GL (Glycaemic Load) ratings of over 1,900 favourite foods and drinks


Essential information for anyone who follows a low-GI diet or has special dietary needs, such as diabetes

Calorie Counter.jpg

Calorie Counter

An A-Z guide providing a clear and accurate breakdown of nutritional information in more than 1,900 favourite foods.


Nutritional facts are presented in easy-to-read tables and the book comes in a handy pocket format.

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